How to choose between a masseuse and a psychotherapist?

Most people do not know or trust the profession of the psychologist. One of the problems is that in Spain it is not a recognized profession unlike in many other countries of the world, and that has allowed the proliferation of therapists without title or experience. In addition there are many cases in erotic massages barcelona which fake masseurs use this as an excuse to offer erotic services.

I understand this mistrust, but it is also true that there are professionals prepared in this sector and some of them (like me) have migrated to specialize. In addition, I believe that with the frenetic pace of modern life, the masseuse is a profession that is acquiring ever more importance.

Differences between therapies

Physical therapy is the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of conditions that result in pain, movement restriction, weakness and impaired mobility caused by accident, illness or degeneration. Physiotherapists are qualified to use electro therapeutic modalities such as ultrasound and TENS. Traction, mobilization and manipulation of the spine and joints are also used. Physiotherapists may refer clients for some diagnostic procedures such as x-rays.

Massage therapy is a manual treatment by restoring soft tissue function, relieving pain, decreasing muscle tension and / or spasm to improve physical or sports performance and accelerates recovery. A therapeutic massage stimulates local circulation and blood flow, lowers heart rate, blood pressure, restores breathing, promotes relaxation. Massage stimulates the release of endorphins and improves the return of excess lymphatic fluid.

You can choose both!

I consider Masotherapy and Physiotherapy as complementary. If you already have an injury or specific pain that prevents you from participating in activities, your first appointment should be with a physical therapist. If you want to prevent injury, improve performance, develop flexibility, or have more general aches and pains due to stress, poor posture at work, a long trip or excessive sport, contact a professional chiropractor.

When the body is stressed, it must work harder than usual to be able to stay balanced. Therefore, stressed people tend to abuse unhealthy methods, such as drinking and smoking, in order to stay calm. However, excessive alcohol or nicotine can have an adverse effect on the body in the long run, whereas a comprehensive treatment such as massage can help induce a deep relaxation, eliminating the accumulated stress due to stress, without damaging the body.

Many patients are not aware of the amount of tension they have in their body until they are relaxed after a massage session. As you relax, the body experiences physical and mental changes that allow them to become more aware of that tension and in turn help them to release it. When the body is relaxed, problems tend to appear less important and mind and body balance again providing the energy and balance needed to cope with day to day life.