The impact of Brexit on enterprises

Europe has given rise to a multitude of acronyms or names occurring during the crisis, the possibility of the United Kingdom separating from the EU – finally the United Kingdom will leave the EU – has its corresponding laissez-faire: ‘Brexit’. And, of course, it joins the long-standing list of political, economic and financial uncertainties with which this 2016 has started.

According to Bank of America-Merrill Lynch’s latest survey of investment fund managers, Brexit Is the greatest risk for 13% of respondents in March, when a month earlier that proportion was limited to 8%. It represents the risk that has grown the most concern in the last month, above the fear of a recession in the US or the fear of devaluation of the Chinese yuan. And another point: the threat of ‘Brexit’ causes the British stock exchange to be the least recommended by those managers for the next 12 months.